Wednesday, October 15, 2008

CVS Extra bucks rock!

I'm building my kids photo albums. Each child has their own, with copies of their fingerprint card, birth certificate, spare ss card, report cards and school awards in the back, photos in the front. We're about at 2 albums per kid as I write. If an emergency happens, we snatch albums and hit the street running... and everybody has their needful info.

I got my CVS extra bucks card. How this thing works, you scan the card every time you purchase anything. It deposits a little into an extra bucks account, then every 3 months you get a coupon or you can look it up online and it lets you know how much you have in the account to spend at CVS. This ain't real cash, it's like a store credit thing. With 7 of us getting prescriptions and the occasional gallon of milk (since it's usually cheaper there than anywhere else), if we're good about scanning the card, we get a neat little windfall. I should remember to use the card more often than I do, I think.

This has cleared me to print photos for my kid's albums for free every 3 months.

First shot - happened during a buy 50 get 20 free photo special. I got 127 photos, a pair of toddler gardening gloves and some candy necklaces for 27 cents.

Second shot - had to print online bc online prices were 15c per photo as opposed to 29c per photo in the store. Got 78 photos and a gallon of milk for $3.03.

Free photos can be found here and there online. Don't pay for prints unless ya gotta.

Use your noodle, do some research and double check to make sure you're paying what you think you are. I was one button away from printing photos at twice the price, but I asked before I hit print just to be sure.... and ended up going home and online printing twice what I could have in the store.