Wednesday, March 20, 2013

wii vs xbox vs roku for streaming

I've spent some time now working on each system to see which I like the most. So far, Xbox wins, hands down of the gaming systems, but Roku eats their lunch.

WiiMC tends to get skippy on playback of avi's. Luna's nabi tablet only reads MP4's. I'd rather not have to convert from avi to mp4 or back. Xbox handles mp4's and avi's with ease. It's really just that simple.

Also, my linksys router will allow me to put Xbox live on top priority for streaming.

I do like the Roku best of all, if you don't have a system. It's WAY less expensive than purchasing a gaming system that is only barely used for gaming. $300 vs $100

The new Roku 3 has a headphone jack in the remote. Win!!

Kid Tech - Tablet style

I picked up a Nabi tablet for the little kid. Yeah, you read that correctly. I bought an 8 year old a tablet. Normally, I'm in the land of "If you can pay for it, go ahead" but we needed something more portable than the laptop for her homeschooling.

Price: $200 (Black friday had em for $130, dang my poor timing!)

So far, worth every cent.

The Nabi's claim to fame is that it can be dropped from a height of 7 feet and keep on ticking. Um, yeah! I know our pitbull has stomped on it more than once with no ill effects (other than little miss getting read for leaving her electronics out...)

We don't have the one that will allow you to stream through a service provider - that junk costs money. There are free wi-fi areas all over which are not too hard to find. I went to an IHOP near the local college in the middle of the night and asked a waitress there. She told me where all the college kids go to suck internet for free.

They offer support via Facebook, which is handy.