Sunday, August 10, 2014

Nothing on tv? Time to whip out some YouTube channels!

When we cut the cable and started streaming, it took a little while to get into a good swing. Currently, I find that television programs worth watching are becoming more and more rare. Worse, the really good ones are getting cancelled or have fewer episodes than the cake-for-the-masses horrific pablum clogging our airwaves. 

Between seasons, I go on a hunt of YouTube for stuff to watch usually while I'm folding laundry, mopping or cooking. Must keep the brain active, so I won't go full tilt Stepford Betty Crocker.

Before I start with the list of my favorite super nifty You Tube Channels to check out, ask yourself 3 questions.
1. Do I know the difference between Star Wars & Star Trek?
2. Do I know the proper name of 6 different named weapons from books or film?
3. Can I name 10 different fictional alien species?
bonus question : Hodor?

If you could answer all three questions, come take a look at the list. If not... um, how did you find this page, anyhow? The answer to the bonus question is Hodor. (But, I'm sure you knew that already...)

Click on the name of the channel to go to the channel. (See, I made it easy!)

I like movie reviews and news about upcoming releases. That lead me to these sites:

Gamer news, movie news, geekity fun good times. Their daily Nerdist News is worth a gander.

The same kind of stuff as with Nerdist, but with more manliness. Or 12 year old boy humor. Whatever you wanna call it...

Black Nerd Comedy
Hands down my favorite movie reviewer. Love this dude, so so much. Unapologetically goofy.

Screen Junkies
These are the guys that do "Honest Movie Trailers". Fun stuff!

Geek & Sundry
Their low budget program The Guild is what brought me over. It's a fun show for anyone who has played or knows people who do play online RPG games like WoW. I'm a Wil Wheaton fan, too. He does a show called Tabletop where he and his buddies play tabletop games like Munchkin or Settlers of Catan. It's nice to see different games being played - lets me know which ones to put on the list to buy or the list to avoid. 

Emergency Awesome
This dude is a supernerd. He seems happily obsessed with all the minutiae of certain tv shows and movies. And guy is serious about it. Seriously. He does breakdowns of Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Marvel & DC anything and Walking Dead. Plus other shows as well. He digs out the literature and 'splains to all us lazy bastards who don't read the pulp. It's kind of like Vlog form Nerdy Cliff Notes. Respect and thanks!

He's top dog on YouTube atm and I do enjoy some of his videos. Watching his playthrough of Deadpool is what sold me on the game. TBH, I only eyeball about 1 out of 8 episodes that he posts.  Are you a bro, yet? Tee hee.

And then there's Music....

Epic Rap Battles. Some rock, some suck but they're all pretty darned creative. If you haven't heard of these folks yet, climb out from under your rock, man.

Oh the musicality. Oh the nerdy joy. While not every one is a hit, the orchestration and lyric work is fricking a-ma-zing. Luna found them because of their Doctor Who musical numbers.